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Social Media Marketing Results

By Gil Carlson
LinkedIn Company Pages are the way to do that. You can grow your company following as large as you want, regardless of the size of your personal network. If you have employees, they can also become administrators of your page and help you promote and manage it, thereby exponentially increasing its visibility.​

Social Media Marketing with a LinkedIn Company Page​ by Gil Carlson
Social Media Marketing with a LinkedIn Company Page​

Have you setup your LinkedIn company page yet?

It's been around three years since LinkedIn establishes these company pages. They represent an amazing opportunity for you, let's hurry up and get started...

If you have created a Facebook fan page for your company, creating your LinkedIn Company Page may start looking familiar.
Start your company page by going to:

Now that you've accessed your company page, begin by filling in the appropriate information on the Overview tab. Don't hesitate to add SEO keywords as often as possible in the written description as well as specialties section of the tab.

Now we are going to set up a Products/Services tab. This allows your business to showcase what it provides to its customers. You can create a full list of products and services, such as an image, description, key features, product URL, company contact, and video.

A company will be able to create a featured products and services list, highlighting its products. The Products and Services tab has a few visual elements, too, including allowing you to feature three images at the top of the page, plus a YouTube video on the bottom right. Learn more by going to:

Now you will want to encourage everyone to recommend your products. A great feature of the Products and Services tab brings peer recommendations to the forefront.

When on your company’s Products and Services tab, users will be able to see any recommendations your product or service has, beginning with recommendations from people in the user’s extended network. Just as reviews would influence shoppers on an e-commerce site, users are likely to express more interest in this product or service from knowing one of their connections endorses it.

Also you will be able to check out your page’s analytics. As an admin of a company page, you’re able to see analytics behind the number of visits and the people who visit your page. Analytics include numbers for your page views, unique visitors, clicks on the Products and Services tab, members following your page, and the types of people who visit your page. Learn more by going to:

Alter your Products/Services pages by demographics. After you create a generic Products and Services tab, consider creating alternative pages for different demographics. LinkedIn gives company page admins the ability to show targeted Products and Services pages to specific user/industry segments. These segments can be chosen by job function, industry, seniority, and/or geography.

This enables you to specifically target a user based on a defining characteristic, proving relevant as soon as the user clicks on the tab, much like a landing page does in a search campaign.

Post status updates. These updates appear in the users’ feeds on LinkedIn if they are following a company. Updates provide a way for users to interact with a company, and for a company to potentially gain exposure within its followers’ friends’ feeds.

Remember, status updates, when updated at least once a day, provide a potential place for paths to cross between a LinkedIn user and a company. If a company does not post status updates, the likelihood of a follower visiting your page frequently is low to nonexistent.

Post status updates to ensure you remain familiar to your LinkedIn followers. Plus, LinkedIn recently announced that all companies will soon be able to target their status updates title, industry, or company size. Get information here:

Adding a LinkedIn “share button” to your site content will encourage users who visit your site and/or blog to share what they read on LinkedIn. Adding a share button, much as a company would a “Like,” “Tweet,” or “+1″ button enables users to easily share from your site.

Adding a LinkedIn follow company button to your site: LinkedIn released a “Follow Company” button to put on your site. This gives users the ability to follow a company directly from its site if they are logged in to LinkedIn. The button can include the number of followers the company has, or just the follow button itself. Learn how to install a LinkedIn follow company button to your site, click here:

Go ahead and promote your page on other social channels: Encourage users on other social sites to become a part of your LinkedIn community. Post status updates and tweets encouraging users to follow you on LinkedIn as well.

You can even promote your page in an email such as you would any other social network, promote your LinkedIn page in an email to encourage people who already have an interest in your company to follow you for more company and industry news.

Employees and advocates of brands help put a face on your company on social media platforms. While there are some things companies cannot do on LinkedIn, individuals can do them as a representative of your company.

And don't forget to encourage your employees and advocates to follow your page. As part of your community, you want them to be in tune with your company news and social media efforts, LinkedIn included. They should follow your company on LinkedIn not only to stay on top of company news, events, and webinars, but also so that they can easily share this information with their own network.

Since companies cannot join groups, be sure to have individuals from your company join groups that are relevant to your company and industry. When employees and brand advocates participate in groups, posting discussions, questions and even polls, they will, of course, further increase the reach of your company.

Now your employees, brand advocates, and even clients can recommend your company’s products and services on LinkedIn. When this occurs, users in these brand evangelists’ extended networks will see a relevant recommendation when they visit the Products and Services tab of your LinkedIn company page.

Consider paid LinkedIn Opportunities. Your business is able to increase the exposure of its brand and company page by using LinkedIn’s paid features. These include the Careers tab and LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which enable a brand to bring ads to its target audience by targeting profession, seniority, industry, company size, geography, and education.

Even post jobs. Since so many LinkedIn users search for jobs and prospective companies to work for, a company may use paid features to enable the Careers tab. Posting a job on LinkedIn creates a generic Careers tab displaying all LinkedIn job posts created by that company. Each LinkedIn job post incurs a fee, but the cost varies based on location and amount of posts purchased. In order to post a job, click on the Jobs tab directly from your LinkedIn home page or learn more here:

Another, but more costly, feature is a personalized Careers page, a $10,000 or $20,000 expenditure, for a customized look. For some examples, check out Microsoft, Google, Fidelity Investments, and Louis Vuitton to understand what this Careers page looks like, and the value that it brings in acquiring new employees. 

Display ads on LinkedIn may appear in multiple shapes and sizes, and much like the display ads on other networks, will help to increase brand awareness. They can appear on the side of a LinkedIn page in a square or column, or on the bottom in a row.

Text links appear at the top of each page, underneath the navigation bar. They tend to blend into the surroundings and can appear to be part of the site, sometimes appearing as a recommendation from LinkedIn. Start a text ad campaign by visiting:

Content ads allow you to stream multiple content types through a customized, tabbed module. Through this advertisement type, a business can deliver multiple types of timely, engaging content, such as a video, Twitter, or RSS feed, in one streamlined unit. For more information on what you can accomplish through a content ad, visit:

Social ads are advertisements that encourage users to interact with your brand on LinkedIn. They include options to encourage users to follow your company, leverage recommendations, or join a group. Learn more about social ads as part of LinkedIn’s marketing solutions:

Sponsored polls receive interactive and relevant feedback from industry leaders. As a company, you can create customized, brand-relevant questions and conversations and you can use this information not only to engage with the LinkedIn community, but also to learn more about your target consumer.

Event sponsorships will drive awareness and attention to your event posted on LinkedIn by using this marketing solution. Increase attendance by helping relevant LinkedIn users in your geographical area and industry find your event. 

I sure hope this has been helpful,

LinkedIn Company Page
Here's How to Create Yours
LinkedIn Company Page
Here's How to Create Yours
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